Truck Company 81
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Truck Company 81 (Truck 81) is the secondary fire truck assigned to Firehouse 51. This rig is a 1996 Seagrave Marauder. It has a 100' aerial ladder, space for other equipment and seating for up to eight firefighters. Truck is staffed by 5-7 firefighters.

In Season 3, Just Drive the Truck, the rig is "supposedly" written off in the collision with Truck 66 and the guys get a "new rig". They actually got an older version of the CFD's ladder truck.

Current MembersEdit

Previous Members Edit

  1. Andrew Darden - Deceased, killed in the line of duty.
  2. Jose Vargas - Transferred to Squad 3, later placed on long term disability.
  3. Peter Mills - Transferred to Squad 3, currently resigned from the CFD.
  4. Rebecca Jones - Deceased, committed suicide.
  5. Joe Cruz - Transferred to Squad 3.
  6. Jimmy Borrelli - Transferred to Ambulance 61 because of manpower
  7. Gabriela Dawson - Transfered to Ambulance 61 because of manpower
  8. Christopher Herrmann - Promoted to Lieutenant assigned to Engine 51
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