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Truck Company 81 (commonly called Truck 81) is the secondary apparatus assigned to Firehouse 51. The original rig was a 1996 Seagrave Marauder equipped with a 100' rear-mount ladder, space for other equipment and seating for up to eight firefighters. The truck is staffed by 4-5 firefighters.

In the Season 3 episode "Just Drive the Truck", the truck is written off in a collision with Truck 66 and the firehouse is given a "new" rig as a replacement. (They actually receive an older version of the CFD's ladder truck.)

In S08E13, Truck 81 receives a "new" apparatus - a 1990 Spartan Gladiator (formerly of the La Grange Park Fire Department and repainted into the traditional CFD paint scheme for the show.) This "new" rig is configured as a 'quint' (pumper/aerial combination) and is equipped with a 1250 gallon-per-minute (GPM) pump, 200-gallon water tank and a 110' aerial ladder.

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