The F is For
Season 6, Episode 12
The F is For
Air date March 1, 2018
Written by Jill Weinberger
Directed by James Hanlon
Runtime 42 minutes
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Law of the Jungle
Hiding Not Seeking

The F is For is the twelfth episode of the sixth season and the 126th overall episode of Chicago Fire.


After photos of Casey and Severide jumping off the roof during a heroic rescue make the front page of the newspaper, Boden unwillingly agrees for the photographer to chronicle a day-in-the-life story at the Firehouse. Dawson and Brett are on a mission to find out what keeps happening to Gerald, a frequent flier they know who lives on the streets. Meanwhile, Herrmann decides to take up life-coaching as a side job and Kidd makes a decision regarding her living arrangement with Severide.


Main CastEdit

Guest StarsEdit


  • Anthony Ferraris as Tony
  • Jonathan Isaac Frank as Gerald
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