Season 4
Season 4

October 13, 2015 @10/9c on NBC
"Let It Burn"
May 17, 2016 @10/9c on NBC

Season 4 of Chicago Fire premiered with Let It Burn on October 13, 2015. This season consists of 23 episodes. Season 4 concluded on May 17, 2016 with Superhero.


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Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
S4p1 [[Let It Burn]] Writer: Michael Brandt and Derek Haas Director: Joe Chappelle October 13, 2015 #4x01
Casey is placed in a dangerous situation while working undercover to bring down a trafficking ring being run out of Nesbitt's club. The squad's high turnover rate results in an unwelcome surprise for Severide. In other events, Dawson recognizes that her life is about to change; a new candidate makes an unusual first impression; and residents band together to protest a drug den in their neighborhood.

S4p2 [[A Taste of Panama City]] Writer: Tiller Russell Director: Sanford Bookstaver October 20, 2015 #4x02
Following her pregnancy announcement, Dawson is forced behind a desk to investigate fires. Meanwhile, Severide struggles with his new role, and Casey continues his investigation into Nesbitt. Also, Molly's is threatened with closure following a noise complaint.

S4p3 [[I Walk Away]] Writer: Sarah Kucserka & Veronica West Director: Tom DiCillo October 27, 2015 #4x03
51 receives a call in the same troubled neighborhood of a man with a crushed foot which leads in to the wife of the victim giving Boden evidence of the previous incident that could clear Boden's name. Meanwhile, candidate Jimmy Borrelli's (guest star Steven R. McQueen) brother meddles in trying to get him moved into a different house. Dawson looks into an arson investigation that puts Boden in hot water. Also, Brett gets attached to a previous call. Dawson suddenly suffers from abdominal pain and collapses.

S4p4 [[Your Day Is Coming]] Writer: Jill Weinberger Director: Reza Tabrizi November 3, 2015 #4x04
Dawson clings to life after devastating pregnancy complications; Severide suspects an insider stole the missing arson files; the fight to save Molly's begins.

S4p5 [[Regarding This Wedding]] Writer: Michael A. O'Shea Director: Joe Chappelle November 10, 2015 #4x05
51 rescues a wedding party from a fiery dress rehearsal; Dawson struggles to return to life on the job; sparks fly between Chili and Borrelli.

S4p6 [[2112]] Writer: Ian McCulloch Director: Holly Dale November 17, 2015 #4x06
Boden is accused of a horrific crime by a new neighbor; a gang member from Cruz's past seeks his help getting out.

S4p7 [[Sharp Elbows]] Writer: Tiller Russell & Liz Alper & Ally Seibert Director: Dan Lerner November 24, 2015 #4x07
Boden attempts to get to the bottom of the conspiracy against him; Patterson has Severide suspended. Treat Williams guest stars.

S4p8 [[When Tortoises Fly]] Writer: Michael Gilvary Director: Haze Bergeron December 1, 2015 #4x08
The motive behind the conspiracy against Boden is revealed; Severide reaches out to a recent flame for help.

S4p9 [[Short and Fat]] Writer: Michael Brandt & Derek Haas Director: Joe Chappelle December 8, 2015 #4x09
Patterson replaces Boden as chief; Dawson becomes a target of the conspiracy; a random act of violence changes 51 forever.

S4p10 [[The Beating Heart]] Writer: Andrea Newman Director: Reza Tabrizi January 5, 2016 #4x10
Herrmann fights for his life after being stabbed, Cruz hits the streets to find Freddie, and Mouch proposes to Trudy.

S4p11 [[The Path of Destruction]] Writer: Sarah Kucserka & Veronica West Director: Drucilla Carlson January 19, 2016 #4x11
Chili's erratic behavior puts a patient's life in danger; a tornado wreaks havoc on Chicago and Firehouse 51.

S4p12 [[Not Everyone Makes It]] Writer: Tiller Russell Director: Reza Tabrizi January 26, 2016 #4x12
Herrmann testifies against Freddie; Casey confronts a shady politician; Severide gets an inside tip on a terrorist threat.

S4p13 [[The Sky Is Falling]] Writer: Michael Brandt & Michael A. O'Shea Director: Joe Chappelle February 2, 2016 #4x13
Chicago braces for a large-scale threat; Chili's alcoholic past causes a rift inside 51; Casey confronts a shady politician.

S4p14 [[All Hard Parts]] Writer: Jill Weinberger Director: Sanford Bookstaver February 9, 2016 #4x14
Casey makes a run for political office; Severide reaches out to Chili about her drinking; Fire and P.D. engage in a charity boxing match.

S4p15 [[Bad For the Soul]] Writer: Andrea Newman & Michael Gilvary Director: Jann Turner February 16, 2016 #4x15
51 welcomes a new firefighter; Borrelli joins Brett as a paramedic; and an accident at a neighboring firehouse causes suspicion.

S4p16 [[Two Ts]] Writer: Derek Haas & Ian McCulloch Director: Reza Tabrizi February 23, 2016 #4x16
Casey's opponent fights dirty on the campaign trail; Mouch has a bachelor party; and Brett and Borrelli ease in as partners.

S4p17 [[What Happened to Courtney]] Writer: Story by: Matt Olmstead Teleplay by: Liz Alper & Ally Seibert Director: Jeffrey Hunt March 29, 2016 #4x17
Severide begins a personal crusade to solve a cold case; all of Firehouse 51 pitches in to help Casey win as the vote for alderman looms near.

S4p18 [[On the Warpath]] Writer: Sarah Kucserka & Veronica West Director: Joe Chappelle April 5, 2016 #4x18
Brett becomes a gunman's target after witnessing a murder; Casey faces his first tough test as alderman; and Mouch and Platt tie the knot.

S4p19 [[I Will Be Walking]] Writer: Tiller Russell Director: Sanford Bookstaver April 19, 2016 #4x19
Casey steps up to help a teenager being bullied by a gang; Severide bonds with a detective’s son after her life is threatened; and Kidd and Herrmann go head-to-head in a test of bar knowledge.

S4p20 [[The Last One for Mom]] Writer: Story by: Matt Olmstead Teleplay by: Gwen Sigan Director: Fred Berner April 26, 2016 #4x20
Firehouse 51 unites to help a young boy in tragic circumstances; a high-powered political consultant helps Casey navigate a potential scandal; and Cruz makes a mistake that nearly costs him his life.

S4p21 [[Kind of a Crazy Idea]] Writer: Andrea Newman & Michael Gilvary Director: Joe Chappelle May 3, 2016 #4x21
Dawson decides to become a foster parent to a boy she saved in a fire; Otis gets some disturbing news about his health; and Brett and Borrelli treat a college prank gone tragically wrong.

S4p22 [[Where the Collapse Started]] Writer: Sarah Kucserka & Veronica West Director: Sanford Bookstaver May 10, 2016 #4x22
Tragedy strikes one of their own; Dawson continues the fight to become a foster parent to Louie; and Severide and Kidd grow closer.

S4p23 [[Superhero]] Writer: Michael Brandt & Derek Haas Director: Michael Brandt May 17, 2016 #4x23
Dawson hopes to foster Louie while a dangerous structure fire puts a member of Firehouse 51 in a dangerous situation.