Rick Newhouse
Full Name
Rick Newhouse
Squad 3
Marital Status
Naomi (daughter)
2, 3
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
12 episodes
Portrayed by
Edwin Hodge

Rick Newhouse is a firefighter in for Firehouse 51.


Rick Newhouse was the newest member of Firehouse 51 in season 2. He first appeared in the episode One More Shot and stayed through the end of season 2 as a member of Squad 3. He proves himself as a member of the CFD with parts in two rescues, one involving a man stuck in a wood chipper and the other involving a boat crashing in to a dock. His specialty is diving, and he and Lt. Severide rescue a man during the crashed boat disaster, along with assistance from Mills. He also has a very likable personality Mouch and other fire fighters realize when he gets Chief Boden's secretary, Connie to smile, which, as the other fire fighters said, was the first time. But with great rescue skills and a great personality the rest of the firehouse becomes interested in his side job as a skip tracer (a person who finds people). The Firehouse, especially Mills (who asks Newhouse for a job) love Newhouse as a member of their firehouse and who consider him a great replacement for Clarke who was promoted to Lieutenant. At the beginning of the episode it seems that Herrmann is jealous of Newhouse because of all the attention he is getting, But at the end of the episode Herrmann respects Newhouse. Newhouse also blends very well with Firehouse 51 and doesn't cause any drama.

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