One for the Ages
Season 6, Episode 22
One for the Ages.jpg
Air date May 10, 2018
Written by Michael Gilvary & Andrea Newman
Directed by Leslie Libman
Runtime 42 minutes
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The Unrivaled Standard
The Grand Gesture

One for the Ages is the twenty-second episode of the sixth season and the 136th overall episode of Chicago Fire.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Boden takes a big step in the pursuit of a major career decision. Kidd becomes increasingly distrustful of Renee's motives with Severide. Herrmann has trouble bouncing back after a tragedy.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Renee brings her son Nicholas by the firehouse a long with a box of files for the case she wants Severide to work on with her. She invites him over to her place tomorrow evening since she wants to be home for bedtime with her kid.

Herrmann gets especially caught up after responding to a call involving a tree falling down on a child. A driver called 911 using his OnStar in his vehicle, then went door to door looking for help. The boy suffers a broken collarbone and a few broken ribs. It turns out that the driver, Glenn, buys supplies for a firehouse in Indiana, and Brett invites him for a demonstration of her and Cruz's Slamigan, which seems to go well.

Stella gets a bad feeling about Renee. Herrmann goes up to her apartment and asks her for help with his kids to get her mind off of things.

Gabby and Casey try for a baby. Her first test comes back negative. Gabby talks to Brett about seeing a fertility doctor.

Glenn meets Brett and Cruz at Molly's and he orders 73 units. Glenn asks Cruz if Brett has a boyfriend and he says no.

Boden meets with the deputy mayor to talk about tossing his hat in the ring for fire commissioner. He tells him that he doesn't have to try to sell himself to him because Casey and Severide already did that, but they do need to vet everyone on that mayor's short list.

Severide speaks to the fire commissioner and he is asked which candidate for fire commissioner he would chose: Grissom or Boden.

Mouch and Herrmann discuss per unit costs about the Slamigan with Brett and Cruz. Cruz says that Glenn seemed kind of sketchy and doesn't know if the deal will go through.

Renee brings Nicholas by the firehouse so he can give Severide a firetruck he made as thanks for fixing his bed-frame. Stella confronts Renee and tells her not to mess with Kelly.

Commissioner Staten endorses Boden for fire commissioner.

Glenn brings Brett Triple X root beer, an Indiana staple. Cruz tries to sell the Slamigan for $275, even though the number they had agreed on was $240. Brett asks him why he just turned down $17,000, but they get a call.

At the docks, someone got stuffed down the cowl vent on a boat full of drunk people. The vent leads straight down to the boat's engines, and the victim is slipping. Grissom also arrives on scene and second-guesses Severide's decision to cut the top of the cowl off with the victim still inside. They rescue him successfully and he says that he needs a drink. Grissom comments on the endorsement and Boden remarks that he seemed to take that well.

Otis confronts Cruz about turning down the deal and realizes that he turned down the sale because Glenn was interested in Brett. Otis tells Cruz that he gave him bad advice when he told him to keep his feelings about Brett to himself. Brett interrupts them to say that Glenn agreed to $260 per unit and wants to know if they can say yes. She says that it wasn't easy to get him to come back to the table, especially after she told him that she wasn't interested in getting dinner with him. Cruz agrees. He decides that he is going to tell her how he feels and that this requires a big gesture.

Gabby and Casey go to the doctor, who tell them that she has a medical complication, and that if she gets pregnant it could be fatal for her.

Severide and Stella are flirting at Molly's when Renee comes in crying. She tells Severide that her babysitter picked him up and she hasn't been able to get a call back from her and thinks he's missing. Severide offers to take her to the precinct.

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