My Miracle
Season 5, Episode 22
My Miracle
Air date May 16, 2017
Written by Michael Brandt & Derek Haas
Directed by Michael Brandt
Runtime 42 minutes
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Sixty Days
It Wasn't Enough

My Miracle is the twenty-second and final episode of the fifth season and the 114th overall episode of Chicago Fire.


After receiving a 60 day unpaid suspension, tensions grow worse for Mouch and Cruz. Meanwhile, Casey continues to fight for his first responders bill, but faces more setbacks and he makes an important decision about his future. At the same time, he clashes with Dawson as her father continues to stay at their apartment longer than first thought. Also, Herrmann goes the extra mile to make an injured child smile. At the end of the episode, the firefighters can not get out of the fire, Casey takes off the mask and says goodbye to Dawson knowing he will not get out alive.


in the Season 5 Finale, Mouch, Cruz, Dawson and Casey all have issues. but even worse is when cruz is put on a 60 Day suspension. but in the end, a fire call puts members of House 51 in danger.

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