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Firehouse 51 is a firehouse within District 4 of the Chicago Fire Department.


There are five units based out of Firehouse 51, there is no Battalion Chief currently stationed at the house so Matthew Casey is the acting office in charge of the firehouse until a replacement for Wallace Boden is assigned.

Unit Vehicle Officer
Engine 51 1995 Spartan Metro Star / Luverne (1500/500) Christopher Herrmann
Truck 81 1990 Spartan Gladiator / Simon / LTI 110' rear-mount (ex-La Grange Park, IL) Matthew Casey
Squad 3 1989 Spartan Gladiator / 3D-Metals walk-in heavy rescue (250/150) (ex-Antioch Fire Department) Kelly Severide
Ambulance 61 2004 Ford F250 / MedicMaster Type I ALS ambulance Sylvie Brett
Battalion 25 2013 Ford Explorer (CFD shop #B559)