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Emily Foster
Emily Foster
Full Name
Emily Foster
Surgical Resident (Former)
Marital Status
Jim Shaw (One Night Stand)
Unnamed father
Unnamed mother †
7, 8
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Emily Foster was a Paramedic who replaces Gabriela Dawson. She is portrayed by Annie Ilonzeh.


  • Jim Shaw - One night stand. Foster breaks it off, and Jim begins to harass her. Even by putting in a false complaint about both Foster and Brett, which goes away once Boden finds out.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • At the time of A Closer Eye, Foster has only been paramedic for 3 months.
  • She was late on her first day at 51.
  • Foster was a surgical resident at Lakeshore Hospital, but got kicked out when it was discovered she cheated on her boards.
  • Foster appears to be bisexual, having been shown going on dates with both men and women. She was first revealed to be interested in women in A Volatile Mixture.
  • Her mom died from cancer during Foster's last year of residency. They weren't close which makes the death worse, according to her. (The Solution to Everything)


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