Darren Ritter
Darren Ritter
Full Name
Darren Ritter
Firefighter Candidate (2018 - 2020)
Firefighter (2020 - Present)
Marital Status
Eric (boyfriend)
Blake Gallo (best friend)
7, 8, 9
First seen
Last seen
Appeared in
27 episodes (see below)
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Darren Ritter is a firefighter candidate that is originally assigned to Engine 37. After he freezes up on a call, he gets kicked off Engine 37 and floats for a while before deciding to leave the CFD. However, after talking with Randall McHolland and accepting an offer from Lt. Christopher Herrmann, he joins Engine 51 and has been there ever since - except for the beginning of season 8 when he is a temporary replacement for Brian Zvonecek on Truck 81 after Brian is killed in the mattress factory fire.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Season 9[edit | edit source]

Ritter breaks up with Eric after quarantining together. Ritter says it was "too much time together in a small apartment". Herrmann sets him up as soon as he discovers that Ritter is single. Andy (the blind date) is, however, a possessive narcissist who dated Eric before Ritter did. He makes some nasty remarks concerning Eric, which instantly urges Ritter to come to Eric's defence and storm out of the date. Fortunately, Eric learns about this incident and makes up with Ritter.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Season 7 Appearances
"A Closer Eye" "Going To War" "Thirty Percent Sleight Of Hand" "This Isn't Charity" "A Volatile Mixture"
"All The Proof" "What Will Define You" "The Solution to Everything" "Always A Catch "Inside These Walls"
"You Choose" "Make This Right" "The Plunge" "It Wasn't About Hockey" "What I Saw"
"Fault in Him" "Move a Wall" "No Such Thing As Bad Luck" "Until the Weather Breaks" "Try Like Hell"
"The White Whale" "I'm Not Leaving You"
Season 9 Appearances
"Rattle Second City" "That Kind Of Heat" "Smash Therapy" "Funny What Things Remind Us" "My Lucky Day"
"Blow This Up Somehow" "Dead of Winter" "Escape Route" "Double Red" "One Crazy Shift"
"A Couple Hundred Degrees" "Natural Born Firefighter" "Don't Hang Up" "TBA" "TBA"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He identifies as gay.
  • He's the owner of Tuesday, who accompanies him on shift due to her separation anxiety (meaning she's considered the "firehouse dog" despite only being there on 2nd shift).
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