Anna Turner
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Full Name
Anna Turner
Paediatric Nurse
Marital Status
Kelly Severide (Boyfriend)
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Anna Turner was briefly Kelly Severide's girlfriend who he met by donating his bone marrow to her. She was suffering from leukaemia which appeared to be improving following Severide's donation, however she ended up succumbing to her illness.

Biography Edit

Anna had been ill for some time, waiting to find a bone marrow donation match to cure her leukaemia. None of her family members were matches but she had some ancestry from the same part of Norway as Kelly Severide so Jeff Clarke suggested that he checks to see if he's a match. (One Hundred)

Anna starts to deteriorate quickly. Although things look better for a while, things eventually take a turn for the worst. Severide stays with her in the hospital, managing to be by her side just before she dies. He asks the doctors to help her but her DNR prevents them. (Carry Me)

She has a hospital wing named after her. (Looking for a Lifeline)

Appearances Edit

Season 5 Appearances
"The Hose or the Animal" "A Real Wake-Up Call" "Scorched Earth" "Nobody Else Is Dying Today" "I Held Her Hand"
"That Day" "Lift Each Other" "One Hundred" "Some Make It, Some Don't" "The People We Meet"
"Who Lives and Who Dies" "An Agent of the Machine" "Trading in Scuttlebutt" "Purgatory" "Deathtrap"
"Telling Her Goodbye" "Babies and Fools" "Take a Knee" "Carry Their Legacy" "Carry Me"
"Sixty Days" "My Miracle"
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