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51's Original Bell is the twentieth episode of the eighth season and the 179th overall episode of Chicago Fire.


When one of 51's own gets injured on a call, Lt. Severide becomes obsessed with helping out. Foster contemplates a big decision. Kidd is concerned for one of her high school trainees.


At the firehouse, Blake tells Ritter that he is dealing with relationship drama and Violet has not returned his calls. Before they can discuss the issue further, Sylvie's stepfather Scott comes in with his daughter while asking for Sylvie who promptly arrives. Sylvie is happy to see that he decided to keep her and he reveals that has named the baby Amelia, which was the middle name of Julie. Scott reveals that his job is calling him back to his old town so he and Amelia will have to move back but ask Sylvie to visit and be a part of her sisters life, something she intends to do.

Meanwhile, Violet confronts him, as they go to privately talk but the others eavesdrop to watch the fun. Violet and Blake talk with her asking what’s up by mentioning his previous texts. She argues with him, though is surprised that he wants to be on a first name basis now. She soon calmly complies and asks what he wants, as he states he was wrong and wants to be with her. Violet is taken aback by this abrupt request but leaves after he makes an impromptu marriage proposal. Blake goes back to the den while the others give him space for a while until questioning the embarrassed Blake on his thinking of a proposal. Blake blames Cruz for that statement and leave.

The two find Capp at his home, still suffering from the effects of the gas but after talking, they convince him to go back.

At the hospital, Capp emerges from the room with glasses. Casey and Severide ask what happened and he tells them that he can no longer be a firefighter with his poor eyesight. However, Severide sees through this and states he is okay, with Capp revealing his ruse. Capp reveals to Casey that he will be fine in time, as he teases Severide for being worried about him.

The trio go to Molly's, where Capp is welcomed back by his fellows. Cruz shows him that they have finished cleaning the bell for him. After sharing banter with everyone, Hermann offers free beers to celebrate Capp's return, to the latter's joy.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this was the final episode for season 8.
  • This marks the final appearance of Emily Foster.
  • Capp is the one who says the title name in the episode.